Just SayIt Already!

Role: UX/Visual Design Lead  –  Organization: xCelRus

SayIt socializes your audio or video recordings of 60 seconds or less into "Qwips".

Allowing users to quickly speak their mind on any topic they like and open it up to replies–
SayIt creates consumable real-time conversations that have authenticity and subtlety.

Who has time for typing anymore? Just SayIt.

Innovative features–inherently useable

SayIt introduces many complex features presented in a highly useable fashion. From getting started, finding and starting conversations, or sharing with your friends–every action is straightforward and easy to use. Users are empowered to focus on the conversation, not on learning how to use the app. With sprints focused around usability testing and design iteration, SayIt is allowed to evolve its user experience without writing a bunch of new code.

SayIt Screenshots
SayIt Wireframes

Capital acquisition through prototyping

In its fundraising stages SayIt has used high fidelity prototypes created with FramerJS, Adobe After Effects and other tools to secure over $1M in venture capital.

Through demonstrating potential and efficacy through design, SayIt is able to drastically reduce overhead and preliminary investments that would otherwise have to be committed to alpha development of the application.

Features demonstrated include the voice tagging of external platform shares (tweets, instagram posts, emails, etc.), recording of video and audio, finding active conversations, update notifications, and more. To view all prototyped experiences please contact me.