Build a better democracy with Simpolfy

Role: Cofounder / Product Lead  –  Organization: Simpolfy

Simpolfy is set out to build a better democracy. Vote and engage on issues that matter the most to you, then Simpolfy takes care of the rest—notifying your representatives for you and keeping you up to date on important developments.

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Simpolfy inspires action. With vibrant photography, clear calls-to-action and engaging social integration, an effective user experience is created—no matter what device you may use.

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The Agile Movement

Leading a small team in the development of Simpolfy—we engaged in agile development.

Working sprint-by-sprint using scrum methodology, our decision making was empowered by the analysis of live real-world results.

Combining extensive user research with quantitative analysis, we continually tested our hypotheses against hard data, driving the best possible outcomes. By taking this approach we iterated into a highly useable and successful political action platform utilized by thousands of citizens. issue

Starting up Simpolfy

Founded by myself, Sanjaya Punyasena and Spencer Rogers—we were fortunate enough to quickly achieve funding from multiple sources and won entry into renowned startup acceleration programs in both Seattle, WA and San Francisco, CA.

IndieGogo crowdfunding campaign

Started by the crowd

Accelerated by incubators

Sustained by Angels

Simpolfy was ignited by a successful fundraising campaign of over $35,000 on crowdfunding platform

Shortly after we were invited to join the Fledge program. Along with providing a full incubation program they invested $17,000 in capital.

After Fledge we left to San Francisco to participate as one of five startups in the Tumml program and receive a capital investment of $15,000.

Throughout our incubator and acceleration programs Simpolfy was approached by other Angel investors—receiving over $50,000.

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